Model of a 2-Room Flat (Draft for a better Life) - Zurich, Switzerland, 2018

This work has been realised on the occasion of the „Kunstszene Zürich 2018“

A cardboard model of a 2-room flat (original scale 1:14) is projected onto two panels standing at a right angle to each other. The model is spinning very slowly around itself. A gentle draught coming from an open window sets it – suspended from the ceiling – in motion.
It is a model of a 2-room flat of a council estate in Zurich-Altstetten. The flats were used temporarily as artists’ studios before they were pulled down a year later in 2003.

Video installation, duration: 12min (loop)
2 projections, each 280 cm x 157 cm, full HD, stereo, 11min

Audio editing by Anselm Caminada