2022 Spell
2022 To The Birds or an imaginary journey to Brasilia
2019 / 21 Frühling, Sommer, Herbst und Winter
(Spring, summer, autumn and winter)
2021 Moth (Falter II) - what does Gustave Courbet's painting "The Wave" has to do with cotton?
2020 / 22 Le soleil n’employe pas tous les jours le même temps à revenir au Méridien
2020 Falter (moth)
2020 Draft (EDEN)
2020 American Dream or 32 Steps in Tunisia
2018 Model of a 2-Room Flat (Draft for a better Life)
2017 Serendipity
2016  Parabole
2015 Mute / Wenn die Stille zum Bild wird
  Kyrrrreck, gerk!
  Paper Factory
2014 November
  Landscapes or the Vasculum of Public Space(s)
  Te Huur Te Koop
  Wenn die Kirche nicht mehr im Dorf steht
2013 Cloud's End
  Willingdon Island
  Coffee Fountain
2011 Grandfathers Lockers
  Dripping Water from the Ganges into the River Inn
  Tree of Water / Feathered Table
2008 Tree Trunks and Fly‑overs
2007 The Hidden Hyacinths of the Yamuna
2006 Temporary Garden
2004 Mirror Cube Morteratsch
2003 Airing / Lüften
  Layout / Grundriss
  Angles, Shadows
  Showcase / Vitrine
2002 Fountain
  Fountains and Small Fountains / Brunnen und Brünneli
  Glimpse Box / Umeluege
  To Build / Bauen
2001 Guerilla Dots (Intervall)
  Floor Piece
  Wall Piece
  Sachets Bleus
  Partition (Cut-Out)
  Alice's Corridor
2000 Büvetta Tarasp
  The Situation of the Stocking
  Video River
1999 Invisible Exhibition
  75cm x 75cm
  3-Room Flat
  Swap (Flags)
  Moulds & Shapes
1998 Ladders
1997 In the Kitchen (Glück)
  Ball of Red Wool
  Clay Head
1996 Clay
  I Make an Island
1994 Museum-Show Case