Adapted version of To The Birds or an imaginary journey to Brasilia
2022/23, studio view


The adapted version of the project To The Birds or an imaginary journey to Brasilia documents the temporary and site-specific installation in the aviary and in the former orangery in the Lindengutpark in Winterthur in September 2022.
It included an accompanying text that had been attached to one of the aviaries grids. In the adapted version, I integrated it into a newspaper together with the documentation photos of the project.

(I submitted this adapted version in a slightly modified form for the Grosse Regionale 2023 in Rapperswil. The submission was rejected).

Components of the adapted version:

The project:

In my exploration of the colonial past of spaces and materials, I took an imaginary trip to Brasilia.

"Brasilia" is a planned city. A dream city, designed at a table. The main material used was concrete. The aviary and the former orangery in Lindengutpark are part of a colonial "vocabulary". They were the motive for, the start and end point of my journey.

The accompanying text documents my virtual journey to Brasilia:
It is an impossible attempt to summarize over 500 years of colonial and architectural history in a few pages. It forms an important part of the work because it meanders through the centuries and across the continents, pointing out the colonial and (architectural) historical interdependencies.

I cast the concrete casts from negative molds that had been on display in the Orangery.

With the kind financial support of the City of Zurich (Covid work grant 2022).