Koli village, Khar Danda

Mumbai, India, 2009

The idea of the project was to have a glimpse at an area (Koli* village) which is gradually being encroached upon by the gentrification. Our aims were to research the life of a fishermen’s community which is encircled by a megalopolis and to point out the fact that the accumulated waste along the seashore can no longer be ignored.

The project contained 3 parts:

On the 27th and 28th January the place became a temporary installation where the 3 elements of the project were presented together.

*) Kolis are the original Marathi speaking (in various dialects) inhabitants of the area. The Marathi word „Koli“ means fisherman, but also spider, presumably because fishermen use nets to catch their prey (D.D. Kosambi, The Kolis: Koli fishermen: Mumbai / Bombay pages)