Glimpse Box - Winterthur, Switzerland, 2002


Kunstkasten Katharina‑Sulzerplatz

This art box had been placed on a newly created square in a former industrial area (Sulzerareal), where a metal foundry used to be and turbines for ships were being built.

The windows of the art box were taken out for repair, I took advantage of that and made a wooden case around the box with a kind of spyholes. The views through the holes were directed at details of the dilapidated former factory.

At the opening of the temporary intervention John Loretan played on his Alphorn from different angles on the square.

Media: OSB Wood panels, 4.20m x 2.78m x 1.25m


John Loretan, Franziska Matter, Carpentry & Timber Workshop ARBOS, Andreas Rüegg, Marie‑Theres Weiss.