Airing / Lüften - Uster, Switzerland, 2003

Intervention in the town hall of Uster.
On the occasion of the artist-in-residence in Uster (AKKU Uster).

Caretaker’s Flat

The layout of the caretaker’s flat of the town hall has been laid out directly on the roof above the flat.
Scale 1:1
Media: Sods

Bassin / Pool

The architectural design of the foyer of the town hall suggested a swimming pool. I put sheets of paper previously painted with pool paint onto the floor of the foyer.
Media: Paper (A0), pool paint

Airing / Lüften

A frame for beating carpets from a housing estate has been transfered and put up on the roof of the town hall.
Media: Frame for beating carpets

Many thanks to the responsible department of the town hall of Uster, Markus Bei, Jean-Luc Bodmer, Martin Eicher, Sybille Frick, Anutoshen M. Hüer, Dolly and Ernst Hegnauer, Kathrin Heberlein, Köfer/ Hess, John Matheson, Natascha Mitfessel, Werner Reichle, Judith Rutishauser, Andreas Rüegg, Ryffel (flower and garden center), Barbara Schmid, Christof Seitz, Maja Spuhler, W.Stehli AG, Marisa Unholz, Hilde Weber, Ursula Weber and Marie-Theres Weiss who made the project possible.