2017, Dübendorf, Switzerland

WISS KEY PAH PAH *) titles the final exhibition in a temporarily vacant shop at the town hall after a half year studio stipend in Dübendorf. 

Dübendorf is a small town near Zurich. It differs from other small suburb towns in the sense that 1910 the first airport of Switzerland had been built on dried up marshland. Until 1948 it was the main airport for civil - as well as for military aviation. Since 2004 only light planes and helicopters are allowed to land. 

A runway is an ideal place for projection. 

In the past year I cycled countless times to the end of the runway, where pumpkins grow and dogs are taken for a walk. Each time I took a picture of the runway without following a specific plan. 

The dream of flying must be as old as humankind exists. To see the world from above having defeated one's gravity - everybody has dreamed about it.  Although an aviatic specialist can explain to me - a laywoman - in a comprehensible way why a plane lifts from the ground, I still look whenever a plane draws its white line through the sky. 
No other technical object is so much loaded with symbolic meaning as the plane which seemingly has deceived nature with a trick.

*) WISS KEY = letter W, PAH PAH = letter P, two letters from the ICAO standard phraseology (ICAO = International Civil Aviation Organisation). This internationally applied radio communication language has a specific and limited English vocabulary. It was developed to prevent misunderstandings in the communication between the pilot and the tower.


Digital print: A4-Risography printing of which a photograph has been taken and
enlarged to a bill board sized poster.
Bill board paper, paste, plaster boards, roof battens, 4.50m x 2.95m

Plane flying over the back of a chair
Chrome steel sheet, folded and welded, white Colour, office chair
Chrome steel sheet A3-size, chair: 0.40m x 0.45m x 0.85m

6 runways
Graphite, chalk on plywood
various size

5 drawings on plaster boards
Oil pastels, plaster boards (from the building supplies store)
5 x (2.50m x 1.25m)

Studies 72, 74, 76, 77 (from 144)

Video projection
Full HD, 4 sequences each 8min, loop

Leporello (1 - 6)
Limited edition of 15 boxes each containing 6 Leporellos
The Leporellos contain a collection of my research about the term Flying in outdated books from second-hand bookshops, world wide web and visits to the Flieger FLAB-Museum (Planes and defence museum) in Dübendorf.
Risography printing on downprint paper, 200gr
Box: 10.5cm x 7cm x 7cm
Unfolded Leporello: 160cm x 7cm (x6)

5 wind sleeves
Temporary installation on flagpoles in front of the town hall Dübendorf during the exhibition.
The wind sleeves were hoisted at the opening of the exhibition with an intervention of the performance-duo JEANRENAUD.
Colours and symbols derive from the VFR (visual flight regulation) maps and weather charts for pilots. The symbols are stencilled on the self fabricated wind sleeves.
Cotton fabric, black acrylic colour. Each 1.80m long, upper diameter approx. 0.45m