Model of a 2-room flat
(draft for a better life)

Zurich, 2018
Video installation

Projected and scaled model (original scale 1:14) of a 2-room flat of a council estate in
In 2003 the buildings had been put at the temporary disposal of the artists before they were pulled down a year later.

The model was then kept in my studio at Rautistrasse 22 - a former coal store place (Kohlen-Koch-Heizöl Areal) - where I lived and worked from 1996 to 2012.
Then I kept it in an old wine cellar in Wädenswil, after this in a former tennis club house in Dübendorf, before I finally moved it to my 2-room flat at Eglistrasse 31 in Zurich.

The colony at Eglistrasse will be demolished at the end of the year 2019.

Media: 2 projections, each 280 cm x 157 cm, full HD, stereo, 11min

Audio editing by Anselm Caminada

This work had been realised on the occasion of the "Kunstszene Zurich 2018"