Paper Factory

Zwingen, Switzerland, 2015

Ohne Titel (Zeichentisch) / No title (Drawing Table)

The group exhibition (Living Memory) took place in a former paper factory (Papierfabrik Zwingen) and referred to its past history of the manufactoring of paper.

While researching on the site we found large amounts of plans stored in cupboards in the attic of one of the old buildings. The detailed drawings were of the mechanics of the machines or of the various layouts of the buildings of the factory. Some of them dated back to the beginning of the last century.

The many years of storage in the attic in the blazing heat of summer or in the damp of spring and autumn was visible in the discoloration of the tracing paper which showed various shades of yellow, grey or brown.
We let the plans cut in different rectangular forms and sizes and arranged them in piles of different height on the table. It could be read as a fictitious model of an urban settlement or just as an abstract structure.
The now small pieces of paper which make visible only parts of the plans changed their dimensions and created new proportions.
The work was on display in a cargo container within the compound (because of security reasons the buildings of the factory could not be entered anymore).

Found object (tracing paper with drawings of plans), structure (table with bitumen coating), lamps (made of tins)
(4m x 0.7m x 1.40m)

Ohne Titel (Wenn Bäume auf Dächern zu wachsen beginnen) /
no title (when on roofs trees begin to grow)

On the abondened site of the paper factory trees, shrubs, flowers were growing. They found their way out of cracks in the walls, man holes, ..., and remarkably proper trees were growing on top of the flat roofs of the factory.

We made a stand with about 40 plants which we had dug out from the site and offered them to the visitors to take them home as a souvenir.

Found objects (plants), earth, used buckets, supports, boards, tarpaulin
(approx: 5m x 3m x 1m)

In collaboration with Ilona Schneider, Michel Eigensatz

Acknowledgement: Bruno Bürgisser, Sulejman Sulejmani (ROPRESS Genossenschaft), Lisa Grundwürmer, Sofie Hänni and Christian Löffel (students of FHNW).