3-Room Flat

Zurich, Switzerland, 1999

Bäckeranlage (public park)

„Three years ago Yvonne and I moved in. Before that the family Tashin was living here. One-and-a-half years later we both moved out. Afterwards Yvonne’s friend Oliver and her brother Marcel moved in. One year later Oliver left and Charlotte came.“

The flat was built in a public park at a ratio 1:1.

Media: Roof battens, scaffolding net, tensioning rope Size: 4m x 25m

- Soziokultur Hardau (Christa Camponovo)
- Privater Fond für eigenwillige Kulturschaffende Barbara Huber - Streiff, Zürich
- Anutoshen Hüer, Sabine Meier, Anita Bürki, Andreas Marti, Philipp Frei